Demystifying Credit

This could be considered a more practical companion piece to what I wrote yesterday. I was initially on the fence as to whether I should write strictly informational–that is, non-editorial/opinion articles–but I think there are areas where I can provide useful information to people, and this is one of them.

The Student Loan Scam

Full disclosure: I am currently paying federal student loans that I obtained while in college. I never finished college and it was never a huge amount (about $6000), nor do I expect any kind of reform to ever benefit me, but it would be unfair to say I’m a completely disinterested…

One Week In

It’s officially a week since I started this blog. Sunday seems like as good a day as any to write about the blog itself–a low-traffic day is the best time for self-indulgence, right?

Link Roundup: October 17, 2015

I had a thought to, once a week, post links that I found interesting throughout the week but didn’t use in any posts. So, I’ll do that today, and that may well be the Saturday ritual for this blog. Enjoy!

Why is cryptography so hard?

These days, encryption is everywhere. On the Internet, what was once used mostly to protect online purchases has become practical enough to secure almost all of our interactions with websites and online services. This is a good thing.

Assassination as Foreign Policy

The Intercept has a new series on drone warfare out now, called The Drone Papers. I’ll share some of the highlights from the first installment, to the extent something so grim can have “highlights.”

When Anti-Rape Rhetoric Aids Misogyny

Although a few years old, today I came across this piece by Charlotte Shane in The New Inquiry. I highly recommend reading it, but be forewarned that it contains frank and rather graphic descriptions of rape. I will avoid graphic details here, but this will be an exploration of the points she raised….

The Devaluation of American Labor

“An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” This folk saying is frequently used to summarize the ideal American work ethic. Every able-bodied adult, in the absence of spouse or some other independent means of financial support, is expected to carry their own weight by working one or more…

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

The kids are off school, the banks are closed, but most of us with jobs still have to work today. In that sense, the second Monday in October doesn’t always feel like a “real” holiday, so perhaps we don’t give it the amount of thought it deserves.