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Link Roundup: October 17, 2015


I had a thought to, once a week, post links that I found interesting throughout the week but didn’t use in any posts. So, I’ll do that today, and that may well be the Saturday ritual for this blog. Enjoy!

  * [Emotional outsourcing: why structural approaches to jealousy fail]( -- An intriguing examination of jealousy and how it pertains to polyamorous relationships.
  * [Attention K-Mart Shoppers]( -- A collection of music and ad spots played over the PA systems at K-Mart stores in the late '80s and early '90s. An odd trip down memory lane, at least for me.
  * [Latest Unease on Right: Ryan is Too Far Left]( -- I never thought I'd see the day when Republicans found _Paul Ryan_, of all people, to not be conservative enough for them.

Reflections on Meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the #DemDebate – Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson writes about meeting with Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and discussing racial justice issues with both.

  * [Real Mjolnir (Electromagnet, Fingerprint Scanner)]( -- Linked because it's clever and cool. Someone made a version of Thor's hammer that, at least when placed on a heavy metal surface, can only be picked up by its creator.
  * [You're a Single-Celled Organism. Can You Evolve into a Duck?]( -- Cute little web game over on Clickhole. I keep turning into Michael Phelps. :(
  * [Caramel Apples Linked to Deadly Listeria Infection]( -- Just something to take notice of, with Halloween approaching. Seems to be a relatively isolated problem but it doesn't hurt to be aware.
  * [The democratic party has found its next president]( -- Hilarious satire from SBNation's PFT Commenter. (Spoiler: it's Lincoln Chafee.)
  * [You've Changed, You're Not the Angel I Once Knew: David Brooks on the GOP]( -- A response to longtime conservative pundit David Brooks' [think piece]( on how far the GOP has gone astray.
  * [Four Myths about the European Refugee Crisis (And Why You Need to Know the Reality)]( -- There's a lot of misinformation in the standard narrative that has taken shape around the current refugee crisis. This piece brings some facts to the table.
  * [The psychology of nuclear restraint]( -- Delves into how our popular understanding of the decision to use atomic bombs on Japan may well be erroneous, and offers a different perspective.
  * [Italy's Renzi brushes off concerns over Senate reform drive]( -- Italian Prime Minister Renzi is expected to push through controversial reforms that will dramatically alter the power of the Italian Senate.
  * [Nobel prize in economics won by Angus Deaton - as it happened]( -- Liveblog of Angus Deaton's Nobel win. The summaries of his work are particularly fascinating.

That’s all for this week!