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Workload and Reaching People


I have a couple things to talk about this time around.

First, I’ve been doubling up on posts lately. This is mostly due to my summer schedule. There are days when I know I’m just not going to have any time to write. When I can anticipate those, I write articles in advance and then schedule them. I’ve been doing that a lot this summer. For instance, I’m writing this on Thursday! The post that went up on Thursday was written Tuesday, and Friday’s post was written on Monday. (To be fair, the last one was because it seemed weird to put two reviews back-to-back.) Yesterday’s link roundup was put together Wednesday, with some more links added as the week went on.

When I started this blog, some posts were such a struggle I was exhausted just getting a single one out the door. The idea of doing two in one day would’ve been unthinkable. Now, it seems I can reliably do two meaty posts in a day without it being a crushing burden. It’s not easy, I’ll admit. But it’s not something I thought I’d be capable of when I started this. I’m going to take this progress as a good sign!

My other topic for today is how happy it makes me when I hear I’ve reached other people. I don’t get a whole lot of feedback on this blog–comments are pretty rare. Nobody really comments on the Facebook page, either. Sometimes I’ll be contacted directly with feedback. I cherish any feedback I get. It means something I wrote meant enough to someone that they felt like talking to me about it. Criticism is welcomed, too. I can’t get better at this if people only try to flatter me, obviously.

Overall, I’ve been happy with my posts lately. I think I’ve dug into some important topics and presented them in ways not often seen in our discourse. That’s something I quite enjoy doing. There is often some perspective or approach to a topic that occurs to me that I haven’t seen elsewhere, and I like going after those. I’ve been adding more topics to my queue, as well. Right now it’s got 63 items. Last time I mentioned it, I think it had 58 or 59, and that’s after adding and writing about some others. It’s a safe bet that I won’t clear my queue by the time this site turns a year old, which is really something considering I worried from the start that I’d run out of things to say very quickly.

As the saying goes, this is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine. And I’m pretty okay with it right now.

Have a good week! Send rain, it’s too hot.

Photo by Moyan_Brenn