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Link Roundup: August 13, 2016


Yup, looks like it’s that time again.


  * [Controversies concerning Vitamin K and the newborn]( -- There's a meme going around that giving Vitamin K to pregnant women might cause childhood cancer. It will likely not surprise you to learn that this is untrue.

Social Justice

  * [The Internet of dead girls]( -- How the stories of women killed by a misogynistic culture are exploited and weaponized in disrespect of their memories as human beings.


  * [Made in America]( -- My friend wrote this interesting piece about (the lack of) gun control the US.
  * [No pivot here: Trump asks, why would I tone it down when I'm 'winning?']( -- Have people given up on him having a "Presidential pivot" yet?


  * [Why I'm not a big fan of Scrum]( -- A thoughtful article about why Scrum-based agile development is a lousy system.


  * [Excessive Farce]( -- An acquaintance of mine runs this blog. He's got some really good stuff here. Lots of commentary and exploration on American political habits.


  * [Hollywood has ruined method acting]( -- Jared Leto's turn as the Joker has taken the Method too far. It's time to stop excusing, even praising, this absurd behavior.


  * [Fractured lands: how the Arab world came apart]( -- This is very long and exhaustive. Still working my way through it. But it has to be the most detailed examination of the current situation in the Arab world I've ever seen.

Photo by Jordiet.