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Another Milestone


Believe it or not, I’m two-thirds of the way to having a year’s worth of posts!

This week, I passed another (albeit arbitrary) milestone. I’ve now made over 244 posts, which means I’m two-thirds of the way through a whole year. As you may remember, my original goal with this blog was to make a post every day for a year. Being most of the way there is pretty good, I’d say.

You may have noticed I also put up a FAQ page. You may, as always, submit additional questions for it.

Something else I noticed this past week is that I no longer feel exhausted when it comes to working on this blog. It’s something that I more and more look forward to each day. I also tend to have a better idea of what I’m going to write about on any given day. Earlier on, I used to have a lot of anxiety over whether I’d come up with a topic in time and be able to develop it into a post. Now, I feel much more confident that something will come to me and I’ll have plenty to say about it. I expected I would eventually run out of things to say, but thus far I haven’t. I’ve revisited certain topics from time to time, but I always try to bring something new whenever I do that. There are also some topics I’ve never approached at all, which I may tackle in the near future. I know I always say that.

I thought this month would be extra stressful because I have three kids here. I normally just have one. I won’t say I don’t notice a difference, but I rarely feel like I’m too stressed out to get a post done. My day job has also been stressful off and on. Fortunately, it hasn’t interfered.

I’m still considering what to do with this blog once I hit the year mark. I think I may have reached the limits of what I can do with a daily blog. I don’t like the idea of making several small posts over the course of the day. There are sites that basically act as clickbait aggregators, where some other link is pulled, the page talks about it briefly, and that’s it. You’re drawn in with a provocative title, and in the end it’s a paragraph or two about someone else’s link. I’ve done that from time to time, mostly when I’m incredibly busy, but I very much dislike it as a routine¬†format.

The option I’m leaning toward more and more is to make feature articles. Those would be longer, with more research, and even graphical aids–graphs and infographics and so forth. I could probably make one of those every one to two weeks, with perhaps a smattering of short posts in between. I would like to say I’d keep up the Link Roundups every Saturday, but the truth is that they aren’t very popular, so maybe they’re not worth the effort. In any case, these are all considerations for late October, when I actually hit the year mark and reevaluate the format.

This may be the most I’ve had to say about behind-the-scenes stuff in a while. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll have very little to say next time!