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Link Roundup: June 11, 2016


I’ve recently come into a surplus of links, and I’m passing the savings on to you!


  * [A Republican Senator just prayed that Obama's "days be few." This is how the GOP got Trump.]( -- Once again, Republicans don't dislike Trump because of his beliefs, just that he's embarrassingly forthright about them. Seriously, though, praying for the President to die is disgusting.
  * [Democrats will learn all the wrong lessons from brush with Bernie]( -- Some of the insider information is really fascinating. As a whole, I think the article is kind of ridiculous, though Democrats taking the smug up to 11 seems likely.
  * [Path to victory: How Clinton learned from '08 missteps]( -- No, it wasn't by stealing the election.
  * [Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on the issues]( -- I love how many of Trump's are "unclear."
  * [Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats launch severe attack on free speech to protect Israel]( -- Whatever one thinks of the situation in Israel, state governments quelling dissent in this way is not acceptable.
  * [An Obama nominee's crushed hopes]( -- American politics: where a completely qualified nominee to an ambassadorship can be held up for years just because a Republican wants to be a thorn in Obama's side.

Social Justice

  * ["Nonbinary" is now a legal gender, Oregon court rules]( -- A good step in the right direction.

Video Games

  * [Factory Idle]( -- A neat little browser-based game. Like a cross between [_Factorio_]( and _[Cookie Clicker](


  * [Women's health in the US is declining in 4 key ways, and researchers can't explain why]( -- Very troubling statistics.


  * [Guy Fieri eating to "Hurt" by Johnny Cash is an emotional experience]( -- It almost made me feel bad for him. Almost.


  * [Google Chrome to stop backspace from being a "back" button, saving people from accidentally deleting everything]( -- Although I've always liked the convenience of using backspace as the back button, I've also been bitten a number of times by this. Now that most mice have a back button, it shouldn't be a big deal, anyway.

Photo by A Guy Taking Pictures