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Mea Culpa


Relatively speaking, this was not a good week.

The Internet theme was sound, in my opinion, and I don’t think all the posts on it were bad, although they could have used some refinement. Once again, stressors outside the blog impacted the quality. That’s a well-worn song and dance for this blog by now.

There were a couple posts that were downright defective, although I fixed them. One had a blurb of notes that I had meant to delete before publishing, but neglected to do so. I fixed it shortly after, but still, not an oversight I should have made. I also somehow wiped out some text and a link in yesterday’s link roundup, and had to be notified by someone else that it was missing. I was able to restore it from my phone, while I was out. I suppose that’s a good testimony for the sorts of things the Internet makes possible. I could run this blog entirely from my phone, away from home, although it would be incredibly tedious to write a thousand or more words a day on a tiny onscreen keyboard.

My issues with scheduled posts not appearing on the front page returned as I’ve tried to determine what the underlying problem is. It finally occurred to me today that it must be a caching issue. Cache invalidation is one of the hard problems of computer science, even though you might not think so. Number one, I forgot I was using Wordfence for caching. When I remembered this, I took a look, and found that there was specifically a setting to have the entire cache rebuilt when a post is published.

It was not checked. Well, that was likely my issue.

I don’t use scheduled posts that often. It’s normally when I’m going to be out that night, or out of town, or otherwise unavailable to write a post and publish it immediately. Let’s hope I’ve finally got it fixed.

I can probably remove the new “missed schedule” plugin I installed, too. Those were only ever present to make sure scheduled posts showed up on the front page, and none of them ever quite did it. Might be worth experimenting with.

I don’t know what this week will bring, but here’s hoping it’s better than last week!

Photo by mithfindel