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Link Roundup: April 23, 2016


Nothing to see here but some links! You knew what this was.


  * [_Titanic_ sinks in real time - 2 hours 40 minutes]( -- A YouTube video taken from a video game currently in development, attempting to simulate the sinking of the _Titanic. _Interesting idea, if a bit morbid.


  * [What do you owe the friends you unwittingly scammed?]( -- A discussion of the hazards and consequences of involving friends in your business ventures.


  * [5 reasons to use Vivaldi instead of Chrome or Firefox]( -- A new browser is on the scene from an Opera veteran. It has some interesting features. I'll have to consider it.


  * [Even sentient hate-balloon Donald Trump thinks North Carolina's bathroom law went too far]( -- He's still horrible, though.
  * [Hillary Clinton "goysplains" to Bernie Sanders in Passover article, accusing him of betraying his people by criticizing Israel]( -- That's not _quite_ what she did, but her article in the _Times of Israel_ is a hideous big of apologia for Israel's destructive policies.
  * [Rush Limbaugh is facing a big pay cut]( -- What a sad, sad story. By which I mean, "good (hopefully) riddance."


  * [Erdogan and the satirist: inside Merkel's comedy conundrum]( -- The bizarre story of how a relatively unknown TV satirist caused an international incident with his sense of humor, and is now up on criminal charges in Germany for it.

Social Justice

  * [Cops taunted black veteran as he died]( -- This happened a few years ago but is getting attention now. Yet another instance where police, after critically injuring a black man, left him to suffer until he died.