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Back in the USA


I’m back from Scotland, now, and I suppose it’s a good time for a postmortem.

My mistake was in not having a better agenda for last week’s posts. I should have thought through specific topics I wanted to address on each day. The Brexit and Islam posts are probably the only ones that really work to any degree. The one with the photos was fun, but not likely something I will do again unless I’m going to take the time to caption things and create an actual narrative around the images. Live and learn, I guess. A well-intended but not entirely successful experiment, I would say. If I want to write about future trips, I will need to plan much better rather than wing it. Of course, that could be the theme of this entire blog.

It’s also been brought to my attention that on the mobile theme, archive pages (that is, the index past the front page) don’t show featured images, and everything looks rather plain. There’s also an issue with the progress bar/time to read indicator, which doesn’t show up in a sensible way on index listings and on some pages doesn’t show a valid value. I may change up the themes to something more consistent and friendly–I’ve had this one for several months, after all. Might be time for a change.

In any case, it’s back to business as usual for me. Time to cook up some hot takes, right?

Have a great week!