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Link Roundup: April 9, 2016


Once again, I’m going to be traveling when this goes up, but hey. Also, since I haven’t been online much this week, there won’t be a lot of links. Take what you can get!


  * [Steam hacker says more vulnerabilities will be found, but not by him]( -- A teenage university student finds multiple backdoors in Valve's game distribution platform and online store, and Valve doesn't even see fit to acknowledge him, so he's calling it quits.
  * [Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine]( -- You'd think it's an April Fool's joke, and maybe for $150, the joke's on whoever would pay that much. Cool, but too expensive.


  * [This New York ]([_Daily News_]([ interview was pretty close to a disaster for Bernie Sanders]( -- I suppose it's only disastrous if one finds it surprising. Sanders is not big on specific details of his policies.
  * [Wounded by abortion backlash, Trump seeks help from a seasoned pro]( -- What if Donald Trump came to Richard Nixon for advice?
  * [Watch Louie Gohmert bizarrely oppose bill for women scientists: MLK wouldn't "leave little boys in the ditch"]( -- Basically claiming reverse sexism. Won't someone think of the men?! And of course, white guys invoking MLK to make their own deranged political points is just so precious.

Social Justice

  * [The price on our heads: new GapKids ad sparks racially charged controversy]( -- Seriously. Did no one think this through before they did it?
  * [Tabletop gaming has a white male terrorism problem]( -- A deeply unpleasant read with some behaviors described that I've witnessed firsthand.

Photo by J McSporran