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Scotland Week


Yup, I’m in Scotland. Doesn’t mean the blog isn’t happening, though.

One change I made over the past week is to add a progress bar and reading time indicator for all posts. I’ve liked those ever since I saw them on other sites. So, now there’s one here. Enjoy it. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

I also put a better backup solution in place, by which I mean I put one in place at all. Technically, this whole server gets backed up, but I wanted something that backs up the database, files, etc. for this site so I could restore it quickly in the event of an outage. The backups are kept on another server, too, which should be much safer. This is totally transparent to all of you, unless and until this server falls over. Hey, you never know.

As for this week, I will be in Scotland, and I said. My plan is to take pictures and post them and write about them. We’ll see if this works out at all. I plan to provide actual information, of course, rather than gush about how food here is delicious. (Honestly, authentic Scottish cuisine is pretty meh to me, but you can get some¬†amazing Japanese, Indian, and Arab food here, among others. Good times.) If this experiment completely fails, at least it was only a week and I’ll have not made anyone to suffer for too long.

Have a great week!