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Link Roundup: April 2, 2016


I’m on a plane right now! But that’s not gonna stop me from linking stuff.


  * [Microsoft and Canonical partner to bring Ubuntu to Windows 10]( -- What a time to be alive.
  * [Here's where to download OpenToonz, Studio Ghibli's free animation software]( -- Time to make some animated movies, right?


  * [Sorry Bernie bros, your candidate just doesn't have the foreign policy experience necessary to prop up a pro-Western dictatorship]( -- Satire, but it made me chuckle.
  * [Barney Frank is not impressed by Bernie Sanders]( -- Some have called Frank a party shill over this, although I wouldn't. I tend to agree with him.
  * [This election's best pundit is a fake columnist named Carl Diggler]( -- Hadn't heard about him until now but this is some hilarious stuff.
  * [Carl Diggler exclusive: I officially challenge Nate Silver to a forecasting duel]( -- An example of "The Dig"'s brilliance.


  * [Nintendo employee "terminated" after smear campaign over censorship, company denies harassment was factor]( -- It sure takes a brave company to respond to a hate mob by throwing their target under the bus.
  * [San Andreas streaming deer cam]( -- Did I link this before? I don't care. Endless fun. Enjoy it.


  * [Proof that Vincent D'Onofrio is a shape-shifter]( -- Seriously. That guy is everywhere.

Social Justice

  * [Study shows that pay drops universally in male-dominated fields when women join en masse]( -- Is it because of a new influx of labor, or other (sexist) reasons? Hmmm. Of course, you get a gender pay gap regardless.
  * [Five reasons it's difficult to explain racism to casual racists]( -- Actually a pretty decent piece from _Cracked._

Photo by peter pearson