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A Few Small Changes


In case you didn’t notice…

Nothing dramatic altered, mind you, but the Archives and Categories sections in the sidebar have been simplified into dropdown menus. I don’t know if this works better for anyone, but I consider it a better use of space.

I plan to change a few more things this week. For one, I want to add a slightly more clarified license to all pages. Everything I write here is Creative Commons licensed, requiring attribution, non-commercial use, and shares/derivatives must be shared under compatible terms. I changed the CC widget to appear on all pages, but I also want to add a copyright notice to indicate that everything here not created by me falls into one of the following categories:

  * Public domain. (_Actual_ public domain, not "I found it on the Internet and thus anyone can use it" as people often think.)
  * Used per the terms of the original work's Creative Commons (or similar) license, compatible with the license I am using.
  * Intended as Fair Use. This is the rationale for material that is clearly copyrighted and not public domain or CC licensed. Fair Use is not a blank check, but I am confident that the very limited use I make of copyrighted material would qualify.

In fact, I may write a post at some point in the future describing in more detail how I approach locating and using third party material on this site. It’s a topic one might not think much about until trying to put together a blog or other website. The last thing anyone wants is to be DMCA’d off the Web, after all.

Time to get ready for another week!