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Link Roundup: March 19, 2016


You didn’t think you’d get through another Saturday without some links, did you?


  * [Bernie Sanders replaces stump speech with epic call for Native American justice in Arizona]( -- Good speech, but probably too little, too late for the sake of his campaign.
  * [Trump's top foreign policy advisor? "I'm speaking with myself"]( -- This is not even a little bit surprising, is it?
  * [The Obama doctrine]( -- A lengthy interview and article discussing Obama's foreign policy. Spoiler: he's basically a technocratic realist and has produced a very mixed record of results, at best.

Video Games

  * [Microsoft actually had "erotic schoolgirl" dancers at its GDC party]( -- Just in case you thought gaming had matured _just a little bit_, Microsoft parties like it's 1997.


  * [Every fucking Bootstrap website ever]( -- I lol'd because it's true.


  * [The power of mental models: how Flight 32 avoided disaster]( -- A fascinating look at the kinds of people who notice critical details that others don't.

Criminal Justice

  * [Prominent Silicon Valley investor denies he kept a sex slave for 13 years]( -- I mean, what??


  * [Women secretly film inside ISIS stronghold]( -- Harrowing stuff. Extremely courageous women.

Social Justice

  * [The Supreme Court ruling that led to 70,000 forced sterilizations]( -- Looking back at that dark chapter in American history when those judged mentally deficient were sterilized against their will.