This serves as both a FAQ (frequently asked questions) and policy page. Feel free to use the contact page if you’d like to suggest anything.

What is this blog about?

The about page pretty much covers that.

Where do your featured images come from?

Mostly Flickr and Pixabay. Sometimes, they come from Google image searches. Once in a great while, they may be pictures I took or created myself. In all cases, they are licensed under Creative Commons licenses.

I actually own one of the images you’re using and would like you to take it down. How do I do this?

Contact me and let me know. I would be happy to remove it.

You are linking to or quoting my site and I’d prefer it if you didn’t.

See the previous answer. I will remove links and content if owners are uncomfortable with me linking to or excerpting it. In general, I am attempting to abide by Fair Use provisions and whatever licensing terms are given from each source.

I’m uncomfortable with some of the language you’re using. How do I let you know?

Please use the contact form or leave a comment on the article where you’ve found a problem. As someone who cares very much about effective use of language, if I’ve said something you find offensive or insensitive, please let me know, especially if you have suggestions on how to phrase it better. I am always aiming to improve.

I disagree strongly with your opinion on something. Is it OK for me to say so in the comments?

Yes! You are welcome to disagree with me. You may also discuss with others in the comments. My only requirement is that you be respectful toward others. You don’t have to be respectful to me, though. I’d rather know how you really feel.

How often is this blog updated?

Every day. It’s a lot of work.

Can I submit a post?

Absolutely. Please contact me and tell me what you’d like to post, and we’ll discuss it. You don’t have to do it in my particular style, either. I want you to use your own voice.

Will you pay me if I submit something?

I wish I could, but no. I don’t get paid for this, either. There are plenty of sites that will pay for original writing, though, so feel free to seek out one of those!

I’ve noticed a factual inaccuracy in one of your posts. How do I go about correcting it?

Post a comment or use the contact form. Corrections are always welcome and I will put them in once I’ve verified them. Thank you!

I have a link that I think might be appropriate for a Link Roundup or as a supporting source in one of your posts. May I submit it?

Yes, of course. Please note that any submitted links will be evaluated by me for appropriateness. I’ve had people submit obvious marketing links, and I won’t post those. Sorry.

I have a suggestion or question about how this site works. Do you accept those?

Yup. Questions and suggestions are always fine.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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