Lazy Sunday

This is probably going to be the laziest post ever on this blog since I only have a few minutes to do it. As I mentioned previously, with many things I have going on during the holiday season, I’m not going to have as much time to post detailed articles….

Formats and Things

It seems the question “How long can I keep this up?” has an answer: not for much longer! That doesn’t mean I am going away, though.

A Fortnight and Change(s)

Two weeks into this blog project, I’m still not certain how I will fare attempting to do this long-term. Working full-time takes a lot of energy, and I don’t always feel up to making a post here. Nevertheless, I do it anyway. I’m not willing to slap up any old…

No Image

Some modifications

This is not worthy of a full post, so I’m going to try out the “aside” feature. All posts thus far have been modified to have a cut, so the main page doesn’t show full text on every post anymore. This will make browsing for particular posts easier, and better…

One Week In

It’s officially a week since I started this blog. Sunday seems like as good a day as any to write about the blog itself–a low-traffic day is the best time for self-indulgence, right?