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Tax Day Protests


There are Tax Day protests going on all over the country today. Trump says they’re getting paid for it.

All I can say is: I wish I got paid to protest!

OK, I can say more than that. This meme seems to go around every time there are widespread anti-Trump/anti-GOP/anti-conservative protests. It’s as if right-wingers can’t fathom the idea that anyone might legitimately want to protest their actions. Nah, they have to be getting paid by George Soros (their favorite name drop) or something. Send some of those Soros Bucks my way, if you ask me.

I’m not one of the people out protesting today, because I’m not really sure what a “Tax Day protest” is meant to signify. That Trump refuses to release his tax returns barely even rates on the endless list of shitty things he’s done. It sucks but what does it really matter? It’s typical of him, and unlike so many other things he’s done, this one isn’t actively hurting people–it’s just annoying.

Anyway, I hope you got your taxes filed on time. I wonder if the IRS under Trump is going to be less competent and less aggressive, or perhaps in a fit of irony, they will be the exact opposite.

My advice is not to try to find out.

Photo by Got Credit