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Trump's Unpopular Actions


The problem with being action-oriented is that your actions have to be effective for people to support them.

What’s going on?

According to CNBC, Trump takes hits in his approval rating every time he acts on one of his campaign promises. More than half the country disagrees with his actions on particular issues, and his focus on implementing divisive policies continues to hurt him. Ironically, there are issues such as infrastructure investment where he could score easy wins, but he doesn’t, probably because his fellow Republicans in Congress won’t sign on to large spending packages.

Why is it important?

Trump’s dwindling popularity consumes the executive’s precious political capital, limiting his ability to get things done. Being unable to pursue his agenda–this vague “regreatening” of America–causes him to seek out scapegoats. Thus far, he is just as likely to blame other Republicans as his opposition from the left. The more unpopular actions Trump takes, the less likely it is he’ll win reelection in 2020–he may not even serve out his term.

A premature resignation would be bad for his opponents, though. Mike Pence, elevated to the Presidency, would be far more inclined to play ball with the rest of the GOP. So, we must have some faith in Trump’s endurance through 2020, at which point he would hopefully suffer a major election loss.

What can I do?

Keep an eye on Trump’s actions as they continue to unfold. Register the opinions of people around you–including those who support Trump or are uncertain whether they should. Take opportunities to ask why he’s not doing things that would be broadly supported. Sow doubt among his boosters. Undermining confidence in the Trump Presidency must be a top priority, both to limit his agenda in the short term and run him out of office in 2020.

Photo by kennethkonica