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Trump and GOP Trying to Minimize Russia Probe


You could be forgiven for being confused about what’s going on with the Russia investigation. Hopefully I can help clear it up.

This piece from the Washington Post gives a rundown but doesn’t offer a lot of context. The latest development is that it has now emerged that the Trump administration kept former acting Attorney General Sally Yates from testifying before the House Intelligence Committee as part of their investigation into links between the Trump administration and Russian officials.

Yates, as you may recall, was unceremoniously fired early into Trump’s reign because she refused to implement his unlawful Muslim travel ban. It seems that she was also aware of communications between National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador after the election but before Trump’s inauguration–an issue over which Flynn was forced to resign.

It is apparently her knowledge of these communications that Trump’s people didn’t want brought to light in Congress, citing confidentiality and Presidential communications privilege. But this probably wasn’t even necessary, since the Republican chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, canceled the very hearing Yates was supposed to testify in. This was supposedly in order to have a classified meeting¬†with FBI Director James Comey instead, only he canceled that one, too. It looks as though Nunes is doing what he can to block this investigation.

The rest of the GOP is standing beside him, as well. They are content to see this investigation killed early and swiftly forgotten.

So, what can you do? Contact your House member and demand they continue this investigation! These connections between the Trump administration and Russian officials shouldn’t go unexamined. There may be impeachable offenses here. Leave no stone unturned.

Photo by jessilintl