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The Trump Wiretapping Saga Continues


I’m here to bring you up to speed on the escalating Trump wiretapping fiasco.

First, the administration has until the end of the day today to submit evidence to the House Intelligence Committee that President Obama tapped Trump’s phones in the runup to the 2016 election. Suffice it to say, this evidence is unlikely to be forthcoming, on account of the fact that it doesn’t exist.

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway suggested that Obama didn’t tap Trump’s phones, exactly, but used other methods employed by US intelligence agencies instead. The evidence for this? Don’t hold your breath. She then claimed that wasn’t what she meant. Here’s a tip: don’t say things if you don’t mean them.

Trump, seemingly in response to Conway’s treatment, complained on Twitter about the media being “rude” to his aides.

This is a story that will almost certainly not lead anywhere, despite the constant media attention it gets. Congress is probably going to investigate, too, which means we can look forward to reports that try to prove the investigation found anything worthwhile.

On the other hand, this beats abusive executive orders. Better for Trump to spend his time ranting at the media and sending Congress on wild goose chases than implementing his toxic agenda. Of course, he could still do both.