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Another Bad Week for Trump


I’m going to run out of headlines for these weekly updates, I think. How many ways are there to say “Trump had a bad week”?

But maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll be out of office in a few months! Anyway…

  * National Security Advisor Michael Flynn resigned in disgrace after details came out suggesting he told the Russian ambassador that the sanctions put in place by Obama last fall would be removed if Trump won--and he is alleged to have said this _before_ Election Day, which is quite a no-no (and possibly a federal crime). At this point, we still don't know whether Trump told him to do this, and apparently then-VP candidate Mike Pence didn't know about it at all.
  * He golfed with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. This was probably the thing that went most smoothly for him all week.
  * Trump surrogate and creepy exoskeleton Stephen Miller went on TV and said there was lots of vote fraud in New Hampshire, with people being bused in from Massachusetts. This did not happen, and would've been pretty hard to arrange anyway (kind of hard to vote in a place where you don't live and aren't registered, after all). But hey, what good is an outlandish claim unless you double down it? Which Trump did.
  * Trump also met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who showed him up repeatedly.
  * White House counselor Kellyanne Conway got creamed by Matt Lauer on the freaking _Today_ show. This is akin to losing at solitaire.
  * Trump melted down on Twitter on Wednesday as he lost control over the Flynn narrative. (Okay, he never had control over it.)
  * He also spent time with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was a busy week of meeting foreign leaders, no doubt. Of course, he screwed that one up by saying he might favor a one-state solution, which would defy, oh, I don't know, over 20 years of US policy?
  * Thursday, he abruptly decided he wanted to have a press conference. Trump spent over an hour ranting about how unfairly the media treats him, shouted down a Jewish reporter who tried to ask him about anti-Semitism, and suggested that a black reporter must be friends with the entire Congressional Black Caucus, because I guess all black people are supposed to know each other.
  * Lest we forget, an executive order draft came out which indicated Trump might use 100,000 National Guard troops to round up undocumented immigrants, because _that_ sure doesn't sound like something a fascist regime would do, nope, not at all.

It’s hard to imagine where things go from here.