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A Scandal to Bring Down Trump?


National Security Advisor Michael Flynn didn’t even last a month, brought down by a Russian scandal. Could this end Trump?

What’s going on?

It’s a little convoluted, but stay with me: retired Army General Michael Flynn was appointed as National Security Advisor, head of the NSA, by Trump. But over the weekend, reports emerged that Flynn had discussed possible sanctions against Russia with Russian officials, before the election. This is a pretty big no-no. Then, he apparently lied about those conversations to Vice President(-elect, at the time) Mike Pence.

As this firestorm of controversy brewed, Flynn resigned Monday night.

Why is it important?

National Security Advisor is the most important–and perhaps most powerful–national security position in the country. For its head to be mired in scandal and controversy not even a month into office is unprecedented, and so is his speedy resignation.

There is likely much we don’t yet know about how this situation unfolded behind the scenes. This kind of turmoil so early into Trump’s administration threatens to derail it entirely.

I think you know where this is going: we should do our part to help throw it off the tracks entirely.

What can I do?

It already looks like Congressional Republicans want a more thorough investigation into Flynn’s actions. They don’t think his resignation is enough to put this issue to bed.

Contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators and encourage them to investigate Flynn’s ties to Russia and his actions prior to and during his brief tenure as National Security Advisor. The administration has continued to change its story from one moment to the next, which suggests there may be much more to it than we know–hence the need for an investigation. This could even lead to articles of impeachment against Trump–an opportunity we should not pass up.