Defend Choice

Today, conservatives are holding a “March for Life,” which is a euphemism for denying female-bodied people their reproductive rights. This is part of an overall and long-term political attack on female bodily autonomy.

What’s going on?

The March for Life is held every year in Washington, DC. This year, its profile has been raised by the presence of Vice President Mike Pence–essentially an endorsement of the march by the Office of the President. Presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway also spoke at the march.

Why is it important?

This specific march isn’t that important, in and of itself, but it is part of a larger movement against abortion and reproductive rights in this country. Trump has positioned his administration as the most anti-abortion at least since Reagan. With Republicans in control of Congress, along with most state legislatures and governorships, and with at least one impending Supreme Court pick under the new administration, the right to abortion is under its greatest threat since it was legalized in the US in 1973, by the Roe v. Wade decision.

What can I do?

This is another fight that will continue into the foreseeable future, and one of the many necessary battles against the aims of the Trump administration.

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Defend Choice

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