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Trump Lies About Crowds


This isn’t a hard one: it just involves spreading the truth.

What’s going on?

Trump is claiming the media is being “dishonest” about the paltry size of the crowd that attended his inauguration.

Why is it important?

The Trump administration is likely to be characterized by spats with the media, in which facts and evidence are dismissed as lies and propaganda. He and his supporters need to be challenged on this as often as possible, lest they take control of the public discourse and obtain a monopoly on defining “truth.”

What can I do?

This is an easy one. You have social media accounts, right? Run Internet searches for “Obama vs Trump inauguration photos.” Find some credible media links that compare the sizes of the crowds. Share them. You don’t even have to comment on them–just spread the truth.

Part of how Trump got to where he is that too many people didn’t try to counterprogram all the propaganda (“fake news”) his supporters spread. We can all do our part to fix that.