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Tomorrow is Election Day in the US. If you’re American, able to vote, and haven’t done so yet… do it!

And whatever you do, don’t vote for Donald Trump. Please. You’re smarter than that, aren’t you?

(I can’t imagine anyone who reads this blog would vote for Trump.)

I voted a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping tomorrow is an early night, with Clinton taking Florida or North Carolina quickly and dashing the GOP’s hopes for at least a few more years. I also hope that the election is peaceful and free of violence. I’d say that I hope everyone who is legally allowed to vote and who wishes to vote is able to do so, but I know that won’t happen thanks to numerous efforts, almost all of them Republican-led, to suppress votes and disenfranchise voters.

Those of you who have to wait in long lines, who must suffer abuse from Trump-incited “poll watchers”–I salute you and your¬†commitment to the democratic process in the face of those who’d prefer you stayed home.

Our system is far from perfect, but it’s the one we have. Let’s make the most of it. Get out there and vote!

Photo by srqpix