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Link Roundup: August 20, 2016


Nothing to see here but some links of interest. You know how it is.


  * [How we killed the Tea Party]( -- Short version: greed over ideology killed the movement. Good riddance, honestly.
  * [I survived 'Trump' magazine--barely]( -- One _Trump_ magazine employee relates her story, which hits on themes that should be all too familiar by now: broken promises, unpaid bills, disrespect, and ripoffs.
  * [Donald Trump appoints media firebrand to run campaign]( -- It's hard to imagine how hiring the head of could possibly represent a pivot toward the mainstream. Trump continues to solidify his campaign as an alt-right darling.
  * [Secret ledger in Ukraine lists cash for Donald Trump's campaign chief]( -- A series of embarrassing stories like these are what ultimately led to Trump dismissing campaign manager Paul Manafort.
  * [Inside the failing mission to tame Donald Trump's tongue]( -- A losing battle, no doubt!


  * [Generating fantasy maps]( -- A peek at a Twitter bot which generates new fantasy world maps every hour. Pretty cool!


  * [UN under pressure over 'failure to act' during South Sudan rampage]( -- People were beaten, raped, and killed just minutes away from thousands of UN troops, who declined to respond to calls for help.

Social Justice

  * ["You do not exist to be used": dismantling ideas of productivity in life purpose]( -- Almost all of us are socialized with the belief that our value as human beings comes from our productivity. But this idea is fundamentally capitalist and anti-human in nature. All people have value no matter what they do or don't produce.