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Link Roundup: August 6, 2016


Perhaps one day I’ll be able to share these over a neural interface. For now, you’ll have to use your prehensile paws and move the clicker to click on them.


  * [_Suicide Squad_ is the summer's best movie about divorce]( -- My favorite review of _Suicide Squad._ (I may post my own review soon.)


  * [Trump Taj Mahal closing; Icahn says he lost $100M]( -- Trump hasn't owned this for a few years. Apparently it's been in bad shape for a while.


  * ['Ready for Hillary' hangman tweet leads to local GOP official's resignation]( -- Now that's how you accept responsibility for your actions, though I'd humbly suggest avoiding doing something so vile in the first place.
  * ["The Khans' grief is being used by a party that is treacherous"]( -- In case you wondered where Cindy Sheehan stands on this whole media debacle.
  * [The class inversion of American politics accelerates]( -- Short version: Republicans are capturing working class white voters while driving away college educated voters.
  * [Donald Trump: 'I'm afraid the election is going to be rigged']( -- Trump, laying the groundwork for his eventual "I was robbed!" narrative, because it's simply _inconceivable_ to him that he might lose fair and square.
  * [Trump: Tribune of poor white people]( -- Another long piece about how Trump is connecting with poor white voters. (I still find this narrative highly debatable, based on anecdotes rather than data, but these examinations of the mindsets of particular Americans are illuminating.)

Social Justice

  * [New Black Lives Matter platform: from indignation to remedies]( -- BLM has come out with a new platform for racial justice. Plenty of others are fretting that it includes demands for reparations, even though there's ample precedent.
  * [Critics see efforts by counties and towns to purge minority voters from rolls]( -- It's almost as if laws about "vote fraud" are really about stopping minorities from voting! Who could have guessed?
  * [5 things women want most (you won't believe they don't have)]( -- I don't know when Cracked became so SJW-y, but I like it. Everything in here is on-point.
  * [Four years a student-athlete: the racial injustice of big-time college sports]( -- College athletes don't get paid money to engage in their sports. Due to the disproportionately black composition of collegiate athletics, does this amount to a racist policy?


  * [Inside the fastest font renderer in the world]( -- Yes, I'm a nerd, because I find stuff like this interesting reading.