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Link Roundup: July 30, 2016


I’m probably not at home when this goes up, but the link machine doesn’t stop.


  * [Say farewell to SMS-based two-factor authentication?]( -- I rely on this a lot, so I'm curious to see what it's ultimately replaced with.
  * [Yahoo's sale to Verizon ends an era for a web pioneer]( -- Yup, Verizon bought Yahoo! Not sure _why._


  * [Your face is tanking]( -- Some well-sourced examination of the bias in reporting on the performance of the new _Ghostbusters_ film. Why is a woman-centric film being described as "tanking" when films starring a bunch of men that are doing _even worse_ are called "hits"?


  * [Oh, for fuck's sake: a gentle talk with my Republican, Democrat, and and undecided friends]( -- Profanity aside, a good piece that tries to speak sense to people across the political spectrum.
  * [Hillary Clinton's husband wore a fetching pantsuit to honor her nomination for US president]( -- A cheeky satire of how women are often described in the media.
  * [Let me remind you fuckers who I am]( -- I only wish Hillary Clinton wrote this.
  * [You should be terrified that people who like "Hamilton" run our country]( -- The author had way too much fun with this, but definitely makes some great points along the way.
  * [RNC broadcasts white supremacist tweets during Trump's speech]( -- Of course they did.
  * [Meanwhile, Donald Trump did a Q&A Wednesday night on a hate speech forum]( -- Trump had some fun on Reddit's The_Donald forum, one of the grossest places on the Internet.


  * [Forget 4K, lose yourself in a stunning 10K timelapse of Brazil]( -- This is really cool.