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Link Roundup: July 16, 2016


The hyperlink is really a wonderful invention, don’t you think?

Social Justice

  * [Here's audio of what sounds like an NYPD captain pressuring an officer to target black men]( -- Another story about racially-motivated quota systems and the police. Despite quotas being illegal, they persist, and the racial dimension is there no doubt because it's easier for police to get away with.
  * [NY protester arrested on camera while talking to a reporter]( -- A black woman protesting peacefully, speaking to a reporter, gets rushed by five police in tactical gear for... no reason at all, apparently.
  * [The physical damage racism inflicts on your brain and body]( -- Racism doesn't just produce systemic harm, it literally damages the health of its victims.
  * [Three problems with how the NY _Times_ highlights a non-peer reviewed study allegedly showing no racial bias in police shootings]( -- There is some irony in a paper showing bias to prove there's no bias, I suppose.
  * [What history teaches us about today's racial and political turmoil]( -- A fascinating look at 1919's Red Summer, which saw racial strife and political upheaval eerily similar to what we're seeing today.


  * [Linus Torvalds in sweary rant about punctuation in kernel comments]( -- A good one to file under "invective is at its highest when the stakes are at their lowest."
  * [NBC Universal patents a way to detect BitTorrent pirates in real time]( -- No word on if and when this might be deployed, or even how effective it is.


  * [A medical mystery of the best kind: major diseases are in decline]( -- This is good news! It's interesting that we seem to have no satisfactory explanation, though.