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Ends and Odds


It wasn’t a terribly busy week here, seeing as I was gone for a few days.

I managed to write three posts in one day, and then two posts the subsequent day, in order to take care of Tuesday through Thursday this past week. That was a bit of a challenge and I’m not sure I’m happy with their quality. Live and learn.

For some reason, my first article in my series on American health and healthcare got a ton of hits. Supposedly, they came from Google, but I don’t see why that would happen abruptly in a single day. Search engines, as far as I know, don’t work that way. Not that I’m complaining.

The next few weeks are going to be similarly challenging to manage, though. I’ll be going out of town Friday until Monday. The weekend posts tend not to be a big deal, but the Friday and Monday posts could spell trouble. My best bet would be to take care of both of those on Thursday, or perhaps do one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday. Doing both tomorrow–in addition to Monday’s post–is also an option. I’ll have to decide soon, I guess!

Not a whole lot else to report right now. I had wanted to make some changes around here, but I won’t have time in the next few weeks, I suspect. Perhaps August will be better.

Have a great week and, if you’re in the US, enjoy the July 4th holiday!