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Link Roundup: June 18, 2016


Our link experts have been hard at work cultivating only the best links for your perusal. Please enjoy their selections.


  * [More companies opt to sit out Trump's coronation in Cleveland]( -- Can't blame them for not wanting to be anywhere near this dumpster fire.
  * [Conspiracy theories aren't just for conservatives]( -- Some compelling evidence that liberals are just as susceptible to conspiratorial thinking as conservatives.
  * [The shadowy war on the press: how the rich silence journalists]( -- Very troubling information on the measures some rich folks are using to discredit and destroy journalism.
  * [Cleveland police union president continues saying city is setting cops up to fail during the RNC]( -- This does not sound good at all.
  * [Top GOP consultant unleashes epic #NeverTrump tweetstorm]( -- This is where I got "Cheeto Jesus." Great stuff.
  * [A Trump rally in Greensboro "anger in here is palpable"]( -- Terrifying. Reads like a Nazi rally.


  * [Why LinkedIn will make you hate Microsoft Word]( -- With Microsoft's purchase of LinkedIn, MS sees potential in bringing back "helpful advice," Clippy-style, but this time by hooking you up with LinkedIn contacts. Yuck.
  * [Airing: the first hoseless, maskless, micro-CPAP]( -- If this works out, it will be a great boon to people with sleep apnea.
  * [Wendy's credit card breach getting larger]( -- In case you patronize Wendy's restaurants, be aware they've had a credit card breach and will not reveal just which stores or whose data have been affected.


  * [You can finally see "Hamilton"...kind of. A documentary will air on PBS.]( -- Not quite as good as seeing the actual show, but I'll take it.
  * [How music taste evolved]( -- Every top 5 song from 1958 to 2016 in an interactive timeline. Really cool.

Social Justice

  * [What 14 LGBTQ influencers want the community to know after Orlando]( -- Some viewpoints worth taking to heart.
  * [Two violent men, two symptoms of the same sickness]( -- Contrasting the cases of Omar Mateen and Brock Turner, two men driven by toxic masculinity.
  * [Feminism for sale]( -- Does "feminism" mean women buying into the capitalist system as men have built it, or is there another way?
  * [Against "survival feminism"]( -- Is it really enough just to survive? Can feminism be more?
  * [Anderson Cooper reminds Florida AG Pam Bondi that her office doesn't actually support LGBT rights]( -- Her only excuse is that "it's what the people voted for."


  * [Man sends woman unsolicited d*ck pic, woman responds brilliantly. Man regrets it.]( -- Rather NSFW, but pretty hilarious.
  * [I recreated Pusheen stickers with my cat (13 pics)]( -- Maybe my standards for humor are a bit low, but I liked this.
  * [The Neu Jorker]( -- A cover-to-cover parody of the _New Yorker_. Somebody spent a _lot_ of time on this.

Photo by Alberto OG