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Link Roundup: June 4, 2016


Making up for the slim pickings the last few weeks, here’s a fresh batch of good stuff!


  * [Getting weird in the kitchen with the 'Bob's Burgers' cookbook]( -- I admit, I'm tempted to get it myself. Many of these sound delicious.

Social Justice

  * [KING: Racism has found its way into the Cincinnati Zoo saga]( -- Apparently, people are digging into the family history of the child's parents, because that's a totally normal thing to do, right? I usually think complaints about "outrage culture" are overblown, but this particular instance has produced an absurd amount of vitriol and personal reactions. Seems even worse than the Cecil the Lion drama from a while back.
  * [Dad was beaten for for taking his 5-year-old daughter into the men's bathroom]( -- This is what stirring up panic over trans people in restrooms leads to. It's not just trans people--anyone is a potential target of bigoted violence.
  * [Preacher carrying "you deserve to be raped" sign hit over the head by baseball-bat wielding woman]( -- I can't say I feel very bad for him.
  * [Race row on Mount Everest: Sherpas square off against racist Western climbers]( -- When white people with too much money and not enough sense think Sherpas are "owned" by companies, like slaves.
  * [Our final answer on "too many women"]( -- The creators of a history podcast respond to charges that they focus too much on women. First, even if it was true, there'd be nothing wrong with that. But second, it's factually wrong, anyway: women get about half as much focus as the men do, yet it's still seen as "too much."
  * [Here is the powerful letter the Stanford victim read aloud to her attacker]( -- Please note: descriptions of sexual assault and trauma within.


  * [What's the goal of voter-ID laws?]( -- According to former Republican Senator Jim DeMint, it's to put more conservatives into office. Glad to see some honesty about it, at least.
  * [Kristol eyes conservative lawyer David French for independent Presidential run]( -- Who?? Good luck with that, Billy.
  * [_Idiocracy_]( writers team up with Terry Crews for anti-Trump ads -- Can't wait to see these. We truly live in dark times.
  * [Trump literally said all those things]( -- Hillary Clinton gave a speech criticizing Donald Trump's foreign policy statements. When he claimed he never said any of the things she accused him of, her campaign annotated the speech with actual quotes proving that, yes, he _did_ say all those things.
  * [The 100 greatest descriptions of Donald Trump's hair ever written]( -- Seems there's a cottage industry of writers finding "clever" ways to describe the Oompa Loompa's locks.


  * [Contemplating being "too much"]( -- Mayim Bialik writes about what it's like to be a smart, confident woman in a culture that often considers that "too much."


  * [Sausage-wielding ultra-nationalists attack vegan cafe in Tblisi]( -- I never read news from Georgia, and the one time I do, this is what it's about.
  * [Unmasking Modi]( -- An excellent, albeit disturbing, profile of India's prime minister.

Video Games

  * [_No Man's Sky_ creator receives death threats over game's delay]( -- Oh, look, death threats over a video game. How novel.


  * [Payday loans' debt spiral to be curtailed]( -- A predatory practice that's now finally going to be leashed so it can't bind people into financial servitude.