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Link Roundup: May 14, 2016


It’s Saturday, so I have some things for you to click on.

Social Justice

  * [Billy Corgan upset that "the wrong racial epithet" could destroy his career]( -- I think the solution to this one is staring you in the face: _don't use racial epithets._ It's not even hard.
  * [This sexist dress code poster compares girls to meat]( -- Student makes a poster that suggests letting girls dress however they want distracts boys and sends boys down a path to career destruction. Who knew women were so powerful and men so weak? The real issue here is a student picking up those kinds of messages in the first place.
  * [Beware of these 7 popular chocolate brands that exploit child slaves]( -- There's no reason to support this kind of behavior in this day and age, and boycotting particular chocolate suppliers isn't that difficult, either.


  * [Anti-Donald Trump forces gear up for third-party challenge]( -- This should be fun. The continued implosion of the GOP continues.
  * [Former Facebook workers: we routinely suppressed conservative news]( -- As is the company's right, of course. It's their playground. But then they should have been honest about it, instead of suggesting that their "trending topics" were obtained solely from user traffic.
  * [The aspiring novelist who became Obama's foreign policy guru]( -- A profile of Ben Rhodes, who all but controls how the media perceives Obama's foreign policy actions.
  * [Why the Ben Rhodes profile in the New York _Times_ Magazine is just gross]( -- In case you thought the author and subject of the previous piece were too chummy.
  * [Why the 2016 election cycle could be the start of a totalitarian strain in US politics]( -- The rise of the Trump demographic does indeed make for troubling times.