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Link Roundup: May 7, 2016


Who needs search engines when you have me?

Video Games

  * [With Stellaris, Paradox is making a better Star Trek game than any official Star Trek game]( -- OK, the title could use some cleanup, but _Stellaris_ sounds really great.


  * [In reversal, Trump expresses openness to raising minimum wage]( -- Pretty soon he's going to look like the most liberal candidate. Of course, he'll still be a horrible, repulsive racist and misogynist.
  * [When #NeverTrump becomes #ImWithHer]( -- I wonder how many Republicans actually will cross over and vote for a Democrat this year.
  * [Obama makes case against Donald Trump, saying Presidency "is not a reality show"]( -- He's right, of course.
  * [Top Democrat suspended for mysterious voter purge]( -- This is on the heels of a Republican being suspended, too. Guess corruption is bipartisan.
  * [One top taxpayer moved, and New Jersey shuddered]( -- When a billionaire moves out-of-state, the state budget goes pear-shaped. Imagine that.
  * [TakeTown]( -- Not a specific article, just everything there is awesome and hilarious.
  * [Antisemitism in the Labour Party -- what's going on? ]( This one is about UK politics, but I found it very informative as an outsider who doesn't really get what the deal is.


  * [Top five myths of genetically modified seeds, busted]( -- Good information here. I knew most of it, but everyone should, really.


  * [Inside the "Asian men black women" dating scene]( -- Something I didn't really know anything about.

Social Justice

  * ["Sounds like black privilege to me": rampant racism forces Fox News to close comments section on Malia Obama article]( -- Shocking! Racism on a Fox News website? Hard to imagine. The surprise here is that someone at Fox finally found this embarrassing enough to do something about it.


  * [The _Ghostbusters_ trailer backlash shows men believe in the power of representation (but only when it applies to them) ]( Seriously, some men have been huge jerks about this movie seemingly from day one. Get over it, guys.