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Link Roundup: April 16, 2016


Psst, hey kid. Wanna see some links? They’re free.


  * [KFC Australia's unfortunate NSFW promo was posted to its Twitter account for an hour]( -- Yeah, I don't even know how to categorize this one. The responses are gold, though.

Social Justice

  * [Why nerds are so sexist]( -- Nothing really Earth-shattering here, but a good read, and a decent primer if you're not familiar with the issues involved.
  * [This is why women crave chocolate, men want a burger]( -- Sexism, mostly.
  * [What is fempathizing? 5 ways to recognize this act of internalized sexism]( -- A good read for men and women alike.
  * [This horrifying and newly trendy online-harassment tactic is ruining careers]( -- When someone says something bigoted online, outrage might rise enough to get them fired. But when it comes to reactionary movements like GamerGate, firing simply isn't enough--lives must be completely destroyed as the penalty for being a woman on the Internet.
  * [The rise and fall of an American catchphrase: "free, white, and 21"]( -- It's astounding that this was a thing, however briefly.
  * [This isn't up for debate: how sexualization in games has IRL consequences ]( A great piece talking about (obviously) the sexualization of women in video games.


  * [Ayn Rand's warped superheroes: of course Zack Snyder's vision of "greatness" owes everything to ]( Fountainhead_ -- Snyder himself is a big time Randroid, and it's no surprise at all that this mindset infests all of his films.


  * [Clinton's image among Democrats at new low]( -- This is potentially very bad news.
  * [Ted Cruz celebrated his honeymoon by stockpiling 100 cans of soup]( -- This is the _most_ charming newlywed story Cruz and his wife have.
  * [Obama gets scant credit in Indiana region where recovery was robust]( -- This is the same old story. Successes are rarely reported in politics--only the bad news makes headlines.


  * [Cult of the Party Parrot]( -- Yesssssss.
  * [Porn site bans North Carolina users due to state's anti-LGBT laws]( -- This doesn't really matter at all, but it amused me.


  * [Man accidentally "deletes his entire company" with one line of bad code]( -- A mistake he'll probably only ever make once. Ouch.


  * [Forget mindfulness, stop trying to find yourself and start faking it]( -- An alternative to all the common advice about how one should find themselves.