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Link Roundup: March 26, 2016


Just because I’m out of town for the weekend doesn’t mean the blog stops! It’s like magic.


  * [Atheist and satanic literature to be distributed in Delta, Colorado schools]( -- It may be petty but this amused me.


  * [People have been talking about "the thing" with Ted Cruz for some time now]( -- So, apparently Ted Cruz is some kind of sex machine who sleeps with a lot of women. Who knew?
  * [Privilege is what allows Sanders supporters to say they'll "never" vote for Clinton]( -- I'd qualify that with a "some" but I think it makes a good point.


  * [The exact moment Ben Affleck realized "Batman v Superman" sucks]( -- One of the most fun aspects of this week has been seeing the fallout from _BvS'_ critical disaster.
  * ["Batman v Superman": superheroes adrift in a grim sea of studio money]( -- That about sums it up, right?
  * [_Batman v Superman_ is v bad]( -- One of the funnier reviews.

Social Justice

  * [I'm the fat person sitting next to you on the plane]( -- A good read, whether you identify with the author or the kinds of people she encounters.
  * [Who birthed the anti-trans bathroom panic?]( -- Spoiler: it was (trans-exclusionary radical) feminists.
  * [The troubling trendiness of poverty appropriation]( -- I don't agree with everything here but it's certainly an interesting and worthwhile perspective.


  * [17 potato recipes we'd make on Mars]( -- Because of _The Martian_, get it? These sound good, though.