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Link Roundup: March 12, 2016


If people don’t start clicking these links, I’m going to replace Link Roundup Saturdays with Dad Joke Saturdays. You don’t want that, do you?


  * [On its 33rd birthday, here's "Blue Monday" played on old-fashioned instruments]( -- Because I love New Order and this is cool and you should watch/listen to it.


  * [Man charged with assault after punching protester at Trump event]( -- Glad to see he didn't get away with it. Of course, Trump's explanation for the incident is "a lot of people are passionate and very angry."
  * [Clinton "truly distraught" by Trump rally assault]( -- Distraught, but probably not surprised, nor should anyone be given the tone of Trump's campaign.
  * [Hillary Clinton's backseat driver]( -- It seems David Axelrod's new hobby is trolling the Clinton campaign.
  * [Clinton's Reagan overreach: Hillary's HIV trip-up shows she really needs to learn the political art of shade]( -- Clinton would've done better to backhandedly insult Nancy Reagan than make up a weird story about how much the Reagans did for HIV/AIDS sufferers.
  * [These are the phrases each GOP candidate repeats most]( -- You could pretty much assemble an entire Trump speech out of his most common verbal tics.
  * [Trump doesn't own most of the products he pitched last night]( -- "Last night" meaning last Tuesday, after Trump pulled out more primary victories, and responded to claims that his product lines had largely failed by trotting out a bunch of different items, including raw steaks. Masterful trolling, even if he was being a complete fraud.

Social Justice

  * [Who gets to be Native American?]( -- White people: stop pretending you're all 1/16 Cherokee or whatever.
  * [Dear Caitllyn: Stop. Please. Stop.]( -- An open letter to Caitlyn Jenner, who at this point is probably doing more damage to transgender causes than she ever helped.

Photo by Liamfm .