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Link Roundup: February 13, 2016


But no Valentine’s Day theme here. Sorry.


  * [Ted Cruz campaign pulls ad after learning actress was a porn star]( -- Because what's an election without some sex worker shaming, right?
  * [The weird campaign of John Kasich]( -- Kasich is kind of bonkers, really. He hides it well on stage, but he's a very strange guy. He's also wrecked Ohio's education system and is very execution-happy. He comes off like a grandfather figure, but he is not a merciful man.
  * [These debates are worthless: whether Cruz/Trump or Sanders/Clinton, no one comes away better informed]( -- Indeed, this stuff is all reality show entertainment, completely devoid of substance.
  * [Bill Clinton unleashes stinging attack on Bernie Sanders]( -- Who better to level charges of sexism than _Bill Clinton_, right?
  * [The return of Jeb Bush]( -- A bit fanciful, in my opinion, but anything can happen.
  * [Chris Christie won Saturday's GOP debate]( -- But he lost the New Hampshire primary, so he's out.
  * [Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissinger: it's personal. Very personal.]( -- I had no idea. First, I thought maybe he was just someone she humored because everybody does. Then, I thought maybe she'd just sought his advice a time or two, and only wanted to be polite. Now, it turns out that they are very close. What the shit.
  * [How rude of Bernie Sanders to bring up the Vietnam War.]( -- Yeah! Can't we just forget that unpleasantness?
  * [You'll never guess the other time Hillary wore that same gold top]( -- Normally, I would never link to something about Hillary Clinton's fashion choices. The way the media focuses on how she dresses (which they never do with men) is ridiculous. But it's also the same top she wore while meeting the CEO of Goldman Sachs. Whoops.
  * [This is not hard- they just have a different perspective]( -- A good piece on what is motivating some Sanders voters, and why much of the criticism levied at his campaign holds little weight.


  * [The 87 best blogs for treehuggers and climate change warriors]( -- A useful resource for environmental activists and others.


  * [7 instrument approaches you have to see to believe]( -- Yes, I am kind of an aviation nerd. I love stuff like this.
  * [Lukla, Nepal: Home of the world's scariest airport]( -- A title it earns legitimately, in my opinion.

Social Justice

  * [Justice Department files lawsuit to bring Constitutional policing to Ferguson, Missouri]( -- It's about time.
  * [Cleveland files claim against Tamir Rice's family for unpaid EMS bill]( -- "Yeah, we killed your son. But you better pay up." Ugh.
  * [Coder applies for job, gets this]( -- What? Sexism in the software industry?? Surely you jest...
  * [GitHub is undergoing a full-blown overhaul as execs and employees depart]( -- So, GitHub is trying to shed its dudebro culture and reputation, to become a more diverse, accepting environment for staff of all backgrounds, and a bunch of employees and executives seem to be bitter about their club being broken up. Boo hoo.


  * [Broccoli and cheddar twice-baked potatoes]( -- I'm not that into baked potatoes but I might make an exception for these.
  * [Extra crispy baked garlic & herb potato wedges]( -- Yummy.


  * [The Netflix ID Bible -- every category on Netflix]( -- A handy resource! Get out of your recommendation bubble.

Science Fiction

  * _[Man After Man]( -- A fictional anthropology book covering humanity's evolution over the next several million years. Weird stuff with weirder art.

Photo by DonkeyHotey