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Link Roundup: January 30, 2016


I round them up, you click them. Maybe. Probably not.


  * [There is now nutrient-rich algae that tastes just like bacon, because science]( -- Sign me up! I also learned there's a type of fungus grown in buckets used to imitate chicken. What an amazing time to be alive.


  * [The new Gerber Baby is ridiculously adorable]( -- No, really. Also, this is the first time I've ever had need of a "Cute" category here.


  * [What happened with LeVar Burton's "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter?]( -- Quite a bit more than I'd realized, in fact. Sounds like the project is going well.
  * [Principal's letter to parents telling them to stop wearing pajamas to school has struck a nerve]( -- I have to say, I would hope educators have bigger issues to worry about than whether parents are wearing pajamas when they drop their kids off.


  * [Groups file federal lawsuit to secure safe drinking water in Flint]( -- As Flint, Michigan's lead poisoning crisis continues, the ACLU and some other groups have gotten involved by filing a federal lawsuit to compel the state to take action.
  * [America's lead poisoning problem isn't just in Flint. It's everywhere.]( -- Some startling information about the state of water quality in America. Flint is probably an exception, in terms of severity, but infrastructure all over this country is crumbling, and that includes our water transmission infrastructure. In many states, it's impossible to say how bad the problem is because they don't monitor or report their data.


  * [7 best sex positions for checking your phone]( -- Cartoony, partially nude graphics, just so you're warned. It amused me, though.


  * [Lurching right: the escalating fight for Poland's future]( -- Poland's right-wing government is getting some pushback. I hope the trend of right-wing xenophobia in Europe gets rolled back soon.
  * ["Traditionally submissive Muslim women" say who us?]( -- British Prime Minister David Cameron said Muslim women are "traditionally submissive," so some of those women shot back in their own amusing way.


  * [Watch protester throw tomatoes at Trump after he calls Bernie Sanders a communist]( -- The "HEIL TRUMPLER" shirt is a nice touch.
  * [Is Ted Cruz really an awful, terrible jerk?]( -- Yes. Yes he is.

American Right-Wing Terrorism

  * [Oregon standoff spokesman Robert "LaVoy" Finicum killed, Bundys in custody after shooting near burns]( -- I had a feeling the wildlife refuge standoff in Oregon would end in bloodshed, but one death is practically a miracle given what was going on. Sounds like Finicum wanted to go out in a blaze of glory and got shot before he could even pull his gun.

Gender Issues

  * [Men take paternity leave far more often when their child is male]( -- I wish I even _got_ paternity leave. But if I did, I can't imagine I'd take less time for a kid that wasn't male. I don't even know where to begin with this.
  * [She divorced me because I left dishes by the sink]( -- An examination of how men devalue the opinions of the women in their lives, with sometimes dire consequences.


  * [Rob's Writings]( -- A cool blog about video game stuff. Generally, discussions of ethics surrounding choices and presentation in video games.
  * [Uncertainty]( -- Lloyd Case writes about all kinds of things--boardgames, technology, geek life, having fun. Oh, and he has a podcast.

Video Games

  * [We made the Steam controller sing the Star-Spangled Banner]( -- Seems like a good way to void your warranty, but amusing nonetheless.


  * [Microsoft says next-gen CPUs will not be supported on Windows 7]( -- Another sign that Windows 7's days are numbered.


  * [The Oscars' decision to diversify membership is groundbreaking, shocking, and necessary]( -- "Shocking" is excessive, but this response to the Oscars' boycott movement seems like a step in the right direction.

Photo by beeveephoto