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Link Roundup: January 16, 2016


Did somebody say “links”?!


  * [Hillary Clinton is botching her best chance to win]( -- Discusses Hillary Clinton's recent attacks (and proxy attacks) on Bernie Sanders and how they may be damaging her candidacy.
  * [Hillary Clinton doesn't trust you]( -- Ezra Klein, who tends to be rather hit and miss, notes that Hillary Clinton doesn't campaign the way she actually governs/administers, much to her detriment. I didn't know much about her leadership style but it's disappointing that she doesn't show more of it while campaigning.

Social Justice

  * [NYPD demands $36,000 "copying fee" for access to cops' body cam footage]( -- Apparently you can fight freedom of information requests with ridiculous charges.
  * [2016]( -- Zoe Quinn talks about her 2015, including what she's been through and what she's accomplished. She has her critics (to put it mildly) but how she has persevered through so much has always impressed me (while also horrifying me that the behavior she's endured is so commonplace).


  * [The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment]( -- What happens when the lead developers of a nascent alternative payment system play politics and ignore critical technical issues? Chaos, mostly.


  * [I'm just not that into _Star Wars_]( -- Hey, I found the one guy who doesn't like _Star Wars_! Get him! But really, I am not a huge fan, myself. I like some of the movies OK, and especially some of the video games, but I'd hardly call myself a fan.


  * [Why are millions of starfish "melting"?]( -- Something I didn't know about until very recently. Seems starfish around the world are being killed in droves by a form of parvovirus, and it doesn't appear there's much we can do about it.


  * [Is ABA therapy the best choice for kids with autism?]( -- This piece says "no," since ABA therapy essentially trains autistic children to pretend they aren't.
  * [Pavlok breaks bad habits]( -- An interesting new device to help train yourself out of bad habits. No idea if it works, but fascinating nonetheless.
  * [Therapy wars: the revenge of Freud]( -- Is cognitive behavioral therapy on the outs, making way for the return of Freudian psychology? I'm not exactly convinced.