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Link Roundup: January 9, 2016


You don’t like links? Too bad.

Social Justice

  * [NYC crime declines after NYPD switch to less aggressive policing]( -- Imagine that!
  * [PA man fired for racist tirade at anti-fracking protests says his comments were "stupid"]( -- Well, at least we're in agreement.
  * [Here's another sign the era of mass incarceration is slowly coming to an end]( -- Things I did not know: the rate of incarceration in the US has been (slowly) declining for seven straight years.


  * [The great betrayal: American Jews stay silent as Israeli democracy withers]( -- A topic that I just plain refuse to write about here, so go read this.


  * [Thought experiment: what if Trump carried New York?]( -- Highly unlikely (to say the least), but an interesting hypothetical.
  * [In the year of Trump, the joke was on us]( -- It sure was. It sure was.
  * [Illinois considers allowing recall attempts of Chicago mayor]( -- Rahm Emanuel is a scumbag and I would not be the least bit sorry to see him go.


  * [When the boss says, "don't tell your coworkers how much you get paid"]( -- This is illegal, by the way, and done mainly so employers can pit employees against each other and prevent effective bargaining for higher wages.
  * [Paul Graham is still asking to be eaten]( -- A critique of a dumb rich guy saying dumb rich guy things.


  * [Rey is missing from new _Star Wars_ Monopoly, and this is becoming a real problem]( -- Seriously. Why is one of the stars of the movie (_the_ star, depending on how you look at it) consistently left out of the merchandising? I hate to think it's because she's a woman, but one is left with few other conclusions to draw.
  * [Men's rights activists group reports they have cost _Star Wars: The Force Awakens_ $4.2 million]( -- A whole four million dollars, guys! Disney is hurting!


  * [Oregon "terrorists" don't plan siege very well, put out plea for snacks and supplies]( -- OK, putting them in this category is just me being cheeky.
  * [Timeline: land use and the "patriots"]( -- Tracing the history of rural insurrection in the United States.