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Sleep Mode


The title is a bit of a misnomer. I like it anyway.

I’ll be quite busy over the next few weeks, such that I don’t expect a lot of in-depth writing to be done here. It’s also a time of year that I imagine most people are spending time with their families and friends rather than reading random blogs (though I guess you never know).

In any event, as always I plan to have daily updates of one sort or another. I’m not sure how detailed they will be, but I will give it a shot nonetheless. I don’t like to throw just any old thing up here–I at least want to give interesting links and comments.

I’m also trying out a new statistics engine because the one included with Jetpack just isn’t very detailed or flexible. You’d think the official WordPress plugin for this would do a better job, but it’s quite limited and relies on external services.

The featured image is a bit of a joke since it hasn’t snowed at all here yet. It’s only recently gotten what I would call “cold.” I suppose we’re in for a mild winter.

Have a great week!

Photo by Anthony Quintano