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Link Roundup: December 12, 2015


I heard you like links, so I posted some.


  * ["Political identity is fair game for hatred": how Republicans and Democrats discriminate]( -- Tracing our evolution, as a culture, from one of more or less mutual respect and unity to partisan acrimony.
  * [GOP preparing for contested convention]( -- I would take this with a big grain of salt, but could spell big trouble for Republicans if true.
  * [Patriotic bald eagle attacks Donald Trump, makes GIFs great again]( -- This is completely petty but I don't care. There is something unspeakably beautiful and poetic about a bald eagle attacking Trump.
  * [Trump sets his own campaign on fire: the Donald's increasingly insane behavior is all part of a strategy]( -- Another one I wouldn't really take at face value. More of an amusing conspiracy theory than anything.
  * [A Fox commentator just called Obama a vulgar name. And got suspended for it.]( -- A rather surprising move from Fox News, especially considering how (relatively) tame the comments were.


  * [Lots of atheists, more Muslims, fewer Christians and Jews: this is the new America]( -- This is from 2013 but still an interesting look at how American demographics have changed.
  * [Paris climate change negotiators need more time]( -- A good resource if you want to get up to speed on the climate change conference happening in Paris right now.

Science and Technology

  * [We don't need a thinner iPhone]( -- Apple's planned elimination of the 3.5mm headphone jack in future iPhones seems to be driven by a desire to make iPhones even thinner. But why?


  * [An Ordered Universe]( -- My friend Olivia runs this blog and speaks on many topics, from fandom to work-life balance to religious freedom.