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Exit: November


Okay, so November isn’t over until Tuesday. Still, we’re almost there.

It’s now a week into my reduced activity period, which feels kind of weird. I already miss writing lengthier posts. I may get back into that sooner rather than later, but with an eye toward making sure I give at least¬†some kind of update each day.

I’m still waiting on a logo and I will probably make some other small cosmetic changes around here. I think if I go for a different theme it won’t be a dramatic departure from this one in terms of layout–it may just use different fonts, perhaps a different color scheme. I’m generally happy with how things look at the moment.

I’ve also not done much to publicize this blog, but I may do more of that early next year once I have a larger base of posts and a more finalized visual style. It might be premature to talk about such plans, I don’t know.

I used to think I would always have plenty to say about the ongoing development of this blog, but at this point I don’t have a lot add, perhaps because not much has changed in the past week other than going to a (temporarily) reduced format.

In any case, there may be another guest post soon, and I’ll keep up with the daily updates as much as I can. For the Americans reading, I hope you had an enjoyable and safe Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.

Until next time!

Photo by Sam Howzit