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Men's Rights Activists are the Worst


We Hunted the Mammoth is a blog that comments on online misogyny. This is a pool both wide and deep, so I’m sure they will have reliable material for years to come.

Note: This post will have some upsetting quotes from (and links to) misogynists. Be warned.

Case in point: Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame, had some pretty sexist things to say recently (not a new characteristic, for those keeping track), and when WHTM wrote some commentary about it, he sicced his fans on them.

And here are the results.

My “favorites”:

I think every feminist should be sent to a labor camp or imprisoned or shot dead. I don’t care. You are scum and if you are not capable of changing you should lose your right to live. All humans are a burden to the earth, but Feminists are a burden to all humans and everything else, especially men. ... Women are treated like children and coddled with kid gloves and in some ways you always have been. ... The only way now for a normal guy to have a healthy relationship with a girl under 30 in the new generation is to scare the shit out of your woman and make her fear you and make her think you will end her life if she tries to screw you over. That is the only way to keep them in line from being destructive bitches. And even then you might have to sit them down and threaten them now and then. ... The US and Canada and most 1st world countries are female dominated all the way up to the super rich who then are the men having power but everyone who is not rich is ruled and controlled by females if they want any kind of success. Period.

Such comments aren’t just deranged, but actively hateful. Some people seem to think that the ability to comment anonymously on the Internet means you can say whatever you want, no matter how repugnant. It is hard to imagine these guys uttering such words to the face of another human being, no matter how much they might mean them–and given the existence of edgelords, there is no guarantee any of this commentary is sincere. (That is probably worth a post all its own, but suffice it to say that gratuitous but insincere edginess is perhaps worse than sincere hatred because the latter are convinced by the former that they have more support than they actually do, and insincere bigotry is rarely distinguishable from the sincere kind.)

That some men feel comfortable making statements like the above is evidence that we still have a long way to go in terms of gender equality.