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Link Roundup: Paris Edition


It doesn’t seem right to go through with my usual batch of random links. Perhaps I will save them for next Saturday. Instead, I will share links about last night’s attacks in Paris and the aftermath thereof.

  * [More than 120 dead as Paris hit by series of terror attacks]( -- A good summary to start with. This is France's first state of emergency declaration since 1945.
  * [Statement by the President on the situation in Paris]( -- President Obama's statement, made last night.
  * [Paris attacks were "act of war" by ISIS, Hollande says]( -- President Hollande of France blames the attacks on ISIS.
  * [Paris attacks: ISIS claims responsibility for gunfire, blasts that that killed 128 people]( -- Although further confirmation is probably forthcoming, as ISIS is known to take responsibility for virtually any attack they can, whether involved or not, at least so far they are the only ones claiming to be behind this.
  * [As Paris attacks unfolded, players and fans at soccer stadium remained unaware]( -- A football game between France and Germany was underway at the French national stadium, the Stade de France, when the attacks occurred. Explosions could be heard on the televised feed and President Hollande was evacuated immediately, but few within the stadium were likely aware of what was transpiring outside and in central Paris.
  * [France vows "merciless" response after attacks kill 127]( -- The death toll has not been finalized, apparently. It is unclear what France's response will be, but "merciless" suggests strong military action.
  * [Authorities scramble to identify suspects in Paris terror attacks]( -- What is known so far about the attackers.
  * [Paris attacks: Belgian police make "number of" arrests]( -- Although it is unclear if any Belgians were actually involved, suspected individuals have been arrested.
  * [Charlie Hebdo survivor among first responders in Paris attack]( -- Former _Charlie Hebdo_ writer and ER doctor Patrick Pelloux was one of the first emergency personnel to respond to the attacks.

Photo by nathanh100