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Link Roundup: November 7, 2015


What day is it? Link day!


  * [_Spectre_]([ is the worst James Bond movie in years]( -- According to Vox, anyway.
  * [Cara Delevigne kicks ass in _Call of Duty_ trailer, but it's about ethics in games journalism]( -- Great job trolling Gamergaters, StarWipe! :)
  * [The graphics of _Fallout 4_]( -- After much fan ballyhooing over graphics "not looking next-gen enough," Bethesda talks about how the graphics engine is totally awesome, you guys.
  * [A needless walkthrough of Coast Guard's least thrilling mission]( -- This game seems awesome in a terrible, terrible way.
  * [Henry Rollins driving app tells you how hard it would have been to get there in the 80's]( -- Amusing satire, at least if you know what Black Flag is.
  * [Get the entire TRIBES series, for free]( -- No joke! Some fun old games here.


  * [America may be in a reinforcing feedback loop of growing inequality and Republican rule]( -- These trends make for a nightmarish future.
  * [My beef with Hillary is mainly that she's an enemy of the poor]( -- Economic Matt Bruenig weighs in on the Democratic primary, with some harsh words for Clinton.
  * [400,000 people could lose their healthcare because no one turned out to vote]( -- In Kentucky, poor voter turnout put a Tea Party governor in power--who has promised to kill the Medicaid expansion in that state, which will take health coverage away from a lot of people.
  * [What Turkey's election surprise says about the troubled country]( -- A decent overview of the recent election results in Turkey and their possible consequences.


  * [Test finds college graduates lack skills for white-collar jobs]( -- Unsurprisingly, if you treat college as nothing but an opportunity for job training, you'll end up with graduates who can't meet the actual challenges of complex jobs.
  * [Germans race to capture the Iranian market]( -- Somebody has to! American antipathy toward Iran is one of our most senseless tendencies.

Social Justice

  * [Is this crazy anti-feminist rumor the Platonic ideal of the Men's-Rights Internet?]( -- I had no idea Eric Raymond was so off his rocker. Easily one of the strangest stories I've read in a while.
  * [White people whitesplain whitesplaining]( -- An amusing video/PSA from MTV. (I know, right? MTV??)
  * [3 depressing findings from a huge new study of the gender pay gap]( -- Turns out, even when adjusted for all kinds of factors, there is _still_ a significant pay gap for women. As much as some may try to deny its existence, women are paid less for the same work.
  * [Ben Carson proposes transgender bathrooms]( -- It's ironic for a black man to promote "separate but equal," isn't it?
  * [The Lost Cause]( -- A discussion of the great cultural divide in the US that threatens to crush social progress for decades to come. (Disclosure: I'm dating the author.)
  * [Ariana Grande takes down 2 radio DJs who ask her stupid, sexist questions]( -- Good for her.


  * [Here's why coding is much more creative than you think]( -- An article about Processing, a graphics-oriented language that anyone can use.
  * [Easily add visuals to your Ableton sets with GlitchGif from Utami]( -- Cool tools for making weird visuals with your Ableton music productions.
  * [How to build a portable hacking station with Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux]( -- For educational purposes only!


  * [Look inside new Liverpool secret bar - accessed through a red telephone box]( -- Probably not the kind of place I'd ever go to, but an amusing idea.


  * [I lived through the Sikh riots--and 30 years later, I'm not ready to forgive or forget]( -- A firsthand account of living through a painful episode in India's history.


  * [Critical thinking in everyday life: 9 strategies]( -- Sound advice.


  * [My dream husband had just one fault: a secret family]( -- Bizarre story, and rather infuriating that the jerk in all this has faced almost no consequences for it, while having ruined the life of his victim.
  * [Tensions rise of saltwater intrusion into BR aquifers]( -- Louisiana is facing some serious water quality problems due to encroaching sea water, and the government is all but powerless to stop it.
  * [Guy who took in 24 refugees posts viral message about his disappointing experience]( -- He didn't get stabbed or robbed or _anything._
  * [Quentin Tarantino releases statement on growing police boycotts]( -- Is there any group more childish than cops? Can't take even a tiny bit of criticism.