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Link Roundup: October 31, 2015


Another Saturday, another batch of links. Enjoy!


  * [Obama and Ryan: Covert collaborators]( -- Will newly minted House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Obama get along? Some people think so.
  * [Republican tax plans are all basically insane]( -- This is not surprising.
  * [The real winner of the GOP debate will surprise you]( -- Rubio won, which I don't find "surprising." He's been shaping up into a frontrunner for some time now.
  * [The 5 big confrontations between CNBC moderators and GOP candidates]( -- Really, it's pathetic that asking difficult questions is viewed as unfair to the point that the Republicans are taking their ball and going home.
  * [2016 Presidential Primary Calendar]( -- Necessary information if you plan to participate!
  * [Here's what you need to know about John Kasich]( -- The GOP Presidential candidate from Ohio is not who you might think he is based on his debate performances.
  * [The most likely next President is Hillary Clinton]( -- Says Mark Halperin, who has a habit of being wrong (and a jerk.)
  * [Rebel PACs hit Republicans, and it pays]( -- How unaccountable PACs solicit donations from GOP voters to enrich themselves and provide nothing of value to the political process.


  * [Civilization Revolution 2 Plus comes to PS Vita December 3rd]( -- Civ on my Vita? That's an easy sell.


  * [The Predator's Bargain]( -- Is the world really getting better, or is that just a comforting lie?
  * [Straw Freshmen: Why the war on campus PC culture is bullshit]( -- 100% agreed, too.


  * [SXSW announces harassment summit]( -- After canceling two panels (one about online harassment, the other a pro-Gamergate panel) and receiving a ton of flak for it, SXSW has announced a summit to fight harassment.
  * [I was on one of those canceled SXSW panels]( -- A firsthand account of what happened.


  * [WHO study shows 3.7 billion people infected with herpes virus]( -- Herpes really gets around.

Social Justice

  * [FBI, DoJ investigating SC police officer who threw student across classroom]( -- There is simply no excuse for this kind of behavior from police.
  * [There's plenty of oppression to go around, Richard Dawkins]( -- This is one of those topics where Dawkins would be better off just keeping his mouth shut, preferably forever.


  * [Fortune cookies with little rice cats in them]( -- I want them!
  * [Grilled shrimp and pepper jack cheese nachos]( -- Sounds delicious!
  * [Aquafina admits it's just tap water]( -- And yet, people will still pay over $1 a bottle for it.


  * [Failure Factories]( -- How Florida took five average-performing schools and turned them into the worst in the state.


  * [The stack that helped Medium drive 2.6 millennia of reading time]( -- Some technical information on's infrastructure. Interesting stuff.


  * [The Okinawa missiles of October]( -- How, during the Cuban Missile Crisis, a rogue major on Okinawa nearly started World War III.

Photo by DonkeyHotey