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Link Roundup: October 24, 2015


It’s that time again! This week, I am taking a slightly different approach. Links will be categorized in sections so it’s easier to focus on what you might want to look at. So, here are this week’s Links of Interest!


  * [Pizza with little slices of pizza on it?]( -- It totally exists.
  * [Roasted butternut squash with chickpeas and tofu dip]( -- Sounds great!
  * [Study reveals addictive properties of cheese]( -- I knew it!


  * [Sunscreen is killing coral reefs]( -- Mostly an issue on islands around coral reefs, but an issue worth paying attention to in general.
  * [Why self-driving cars must be programmed to kill]( -- A discussion of robot ethics.

Crime & Punishment

  * [Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle pays victims $1.4M]( -- Each of his child porn victims will receive $100,000 in restitution. Notable in that he paid this prior to sentencing, which is unusual.
  * [In Sweden, man in "Star Wars mask" commits deadly sword attack]( -- If only there'd been a good guy with a gun, or perhaps a Jedi.
  * [How Chicago police "disappeared" 7000 people]( -- The "disappeared" part is misleading--folks weren't permanently vanished/killed--but the fact that police were arresting people and basically taking them off the grid for indefinite lengths of time is deeply troubling.
  * [Six-year-old shoots toddler during game of cops and robbers; father arrested]( -- Guns guns guns guns guns guns guns guns!


  * [Sanders says he would use drones to fight terror]( -- Basically, everyone running for President would gladly continue using drones for extrajudicial executions.
  * [Was George W. Bush President on 9/11?]( -- It's not entirely clear.
  * [Portugal's President threatens to ban anti-Euro leftist parties]( -- Probably not as frightening as it sounds, but a disturbing development nonetheless.
  * [Media pokes fun at Kerry after gaffe]( -- Channeling JFK, John Kerry means to praise the Milan EXPO, but instead calls it something more like "wonderful shit."
  * [Poll finds Clinton leading Sanders in New Hampshire]( -- Hard to say whether this is a temporary boost or a trend. Time will tell.


  * [The real reason the poor go without bank accounts]( -- A somewhat different perspective on the virtues (or lack thereof) of check cashing services.
  * [Banking among poor people]( -- More interesting information about the banking habits of those with the least means.
  * [Why you should care about the RushCard fiasco]( -- With the previous couple links in context, abrupt downtime for a large prepaid card service has had a very damaging affect on the people who rely on such instruments to survive.
  * [Amazon files suit against 1000 people selling fake reviews]( -- Because let's not go after the sellers who would actually buy fake reviews. It makes more sense to mess with people who probably made a handful of bucks each off of this nonsense. Also, the idea of using courts to enforce website terms of service just makes me shake my head.

Social Justice

  * [Men are threatened by smart women]( -- Not a surprise, but hey, numbers.
  * [Racists threaten Star Wars film boycott because it promotes "white genocide"]( -- I could have put this under Culture, too. It seems 4chan started an "ironic" racist campaign against the film, and it got picked up on twitter, both by people who took it at face value, and actual white supremacists who agreed with it. (Whether the 4chan users behind this are genuinely racist or only "ironically" racist, and whether there is even a difference, I leave as an exercise for the reader.)


  * [Original Star Wars concept art]( -- I'm not a big Star Wars fun, but these are pretty cool.
  * [The Back to the Future Day hoax is finally dead!]( -- Or so we can hope.
  * [Hideo Kojima is the Jonathan Franzen of video games]( -- This thesis is not sold terribly well within the article--for instance, there is little mention of the numerous sophomoric elements in Kojima's games--but it's an amusing comparison.
  * [Creators of Payday 2 video game promise no microtransactions, ever, then add microtransactions ]( Bottom line: don't jerk your customers around, especially when they're as fickle and short-tempered as video game fans tend to be.


  * [Teen arrested for "fake bomb" clock moving to Qatar]( -- Can't say I blame him, really.
  * [WikiLeaks publishes CIA chief's personal info]( -- I can't believe John Brennan was still using an AOL account. It's 2015!
  * [Netanyahu claims Hitler was convinced by a Palestinian to exterminate the Jews]( -- This isn't true, by the way, but I guess anything that retroactively justifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is A-OK with Bibi.
  * [Man on flight bites passenger, is restrained, dies]( -- OK then.


  * [How to set up a streaming studio for under $150]( -- It's tempting, I'll admit.